miercuri, 28 septembrie 2011

"The Forbidden Book" by Guido Mina di Sospiro & Joscelyn Godwin

Hi readers, (if any :) )
I have here  a new book for you , which I'll present in a couple of phrases.

The book revolves around a professor (Leo) from Georgetown and his former colleague (Orsina), an italian beauty. 

On her wedding night, she receives an old and mystique book "Il mondo magico de gli heroi " from her eccentric uncle, an alchemy treaty and in the same time a puzzle.

From that day, she and her friend, try to solve this enigma , but find themselves in unexpected trouble.

If you like religious conflicts, occultism, magic and sex rituals as they have not yet appeared in a work of fiction, this is the book for you .

C'ya .

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